If you're interested in lawn care, consider whether you'll use the customer's equipment or borrow the family weed whacker and hedge trimmer.

Moms of infants often need a little help around the house.

If there's a dirty job around the house, there's someone willing to hire you for it.

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The American Red Cross offers a Baby sitter's Training Course as do local community education groups.

You should be comfortable with dogs and have the strength to keep them in control.

For teens 13 and older, a job means extra spending money and a first taste of grown-up responsibility.

Teen jobs help kids get involved in the community, gain experience and have a good time learning with co-workers and customers.

Market yourself by hanging flyers advertising your services.

If you take a baby-sitting course through a local organization, they sometimes create a list of qualified sitters from these courses to share with their patrons.

Even though you may be too young to watch the babies alone, there are lots of ways you can help out.

Offer a variety of services like: Becoming a mother's helper can lead to future baby-sitting clients and builds an understanding of kids.

Give the manager your resume and tell him you're eager to work.

At busy restaurants, bussers help waitstaff keep the tables clear.

Even with adults around you'll get a good idea what kids like to do, how they interact with older people and how they to get into trouble.