This is why I recommend online trawling first…I tried it, and it worked for me.

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If you want to dig to the core of the person, without the inhibitions, insecurities and nervousness that usually comes with real life contact, make sure you use online discussion wisely.

Ask all the hard and prickly personal questions online.

Pre-screenings are another useful, time saving option.

Pre-screenings allow you to gain a small snapshot of a possible suitors profile and basic information as well as a photo of them.

You will find that the benefits of online introvert seeking are that: Also, introverts are reserved by nature, meaning that online contact eases the process of getting to know them.

However, remember that you will eventually want to meet them. Skype and MSN messenger are two popular examples that support video calling as well.

We chatted 5 Hour straight, then the exchanged number before the reluctantly coming to offline. 2 years later the January 2017 we got married living dream.

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