That means really appreciating your strengths, understanding your challenges and not allowing them to define you.In the development of all relationships, it’s important to recognize your boundaries, when they are being crossed and finding constructive ways to express your feelings.

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“At the institute, they encouraged me to find a niche,” she says.

“Prior to this, in 2011, I had founded Singles Meet Singles LLC to connect and support other singles, so I combined my life coaching skills and dating consultant skills.” She launched her second career with Love and Laughter Life Coaching.

Together, we will turn your dating experiences from soul crushing to soul connecting.

After 25 years of teaching, she was looking toward retirement.

Your dating experience in Los Angeles can be a journey of fun, self- discovery, and connection.

Your relationship in Los Angeles can ignite, flourish, thrive and grow ever more intimate.Elizabeth holds one-on-one sessions with clients covering areas such as setting and achieving goals, moving through life’s transitions, and personal development — always with the focus on positive change.She also holds weekly group classes covering Life, Love and Dating and other group sessions.Her transformation of her own experience is inspiring, her positive energy is contagious, and her genuine desire to learn from every aspect of life and improve herself and her approach to everything with what she learns is the example that any person who seeks life coaching ought to seek in a coach.For this is what we learn from a coach, as from anyone—we learn from the way the coach lives, the example the coach sets, more than from any words the coach speaks.Your life in Los Angeles can offer the continuing wonder of personal and professional achievement. It’s within your reach to shift attitudes about dating and developing relationships and make both fun and full of wonder. Sally Landau is a certified life coach, relationship coach and dating coach practicing in Los Angeles.