Evidence of Lublin connecting Western and Eastern cultures can be found at the Holy Trinity Chapel that blends Catholic and Russian-Byzantine styles.

But don’t be fooled by the cobblestone streets and medieval architecture of the Old Town, as it boasts a lively arts and nightclub scene.

The castle is actually three castles, making it the world’s largest brick castle.

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As Torun escaped bombing during World War II, the city still boasts numerous buildings that date back to the Middle Ages.

Construction on the town hall started in the 13th century, with many churches, including the Cathedral of SS.

Located on the Oder River, Wroclaw is the largest city in western Poland.

Over the centuries it has been governed by Prussia, Poland, Germany and Bohemia, but has been part of Poland since 1945.

Founded around the 10th century, it has a mixed political history; at different times it belonged to Germany and Poland, and was a free state before permanently becoming a part of Poland after World War II.

The city rebuilt itself after the war, restoring its Old Town, which is famous for the Royal Road that Polish kings traveled on when visiting this historical city. Mary church, the largest brick church in the world.

The Bialowieza Forest is the only place where European Bison still remain free and living in the forest as they once did throughout Europe.

Wolves, Lynx, Red Deer, Wild Boar, Elk and Roe Deer are among its other inhabitants.

The Bialowieza Forest is a large remnant of the primeval forests that once covered much of Europe.