It’s a very simple idea – start with eight categories and list eight items in each category, enough to fill all 64 spaces on a checkerboard. Forest Fire Preventers First responder “get eyes on it” drone Emergency Services 9. Missing Pet Drone – Many will pay dearly to find a missing pet. Helicopter drone used to monitor crops Farming and Agriculture – As the cost of operating drones drops, they will reach a point of efficiency where it becomes profitable to have a micro drone pick and transport a single kernel of wheat 1,000 miles to its final destination. Animal herding/monitoring drones Ranching Drones – Tracking animal movements, pregnancies, eating patterns, weight gains-losses, and any signs of danger.

When I’m feeling extra creative, I’ll generate enough ideas to fill two checkerboards – 128 of them. Missing Child Drone – Much like a hunting dog, capable of tracking the smell of the child. Channel 5 News with drone coverage News Reporting 17. Anticipatory Delivery – Automated systems anticipate a failure and preemptively order replacement parts. Send-It-Back Return Drones – Clothes don’t fit or it’s not what you ordered, no problem. Direct from the Farm Produce – Fresh peaches, tomatoes, watermelons, cherries, and grapes any time of the year. Banquet Catering Drones – Lavish feasts flown in at a moments notice. Sensitive Product Shipping – Monitor shipping and handling of delicate products all the way from manufacturer to end customer. Open Seas Pirate Monitoring Drones – Once they are spotted, send in the pirate attack drones. Geological Surveying – Next-gen mapping of oil and mineral deposits. Flying Drone Matches – Who wouldn’t pay to see this? Drone Racing – The drone version of the Indianapolis 500. Drone Obstacle Courses – Great training for aspiring drone pilots. Drone Hunting Season – Forget the clay pigeons, this is far more challenging. Outdoor Bowling – Levitating bowling game that operates 1’ above the ground, with a floating ball return. Comedian Drone – Flies in and performs random acts of comedy. Magician Drone – Flies in and performs random acts of magic. Concert Swarm – Spatial cacophony of sound coming from 1,000 speaker drones simultaneously. Drone Circus – Entertainment in a whole different realm. Performance Art Swarms – Visual swarm ballet where our imagination is the only limiting factor. Mega Photo Stitching Competitions – With thousands of drones photographing an image simultaneously, this will be the process used to create the world’s highest resolution image. Prankster Drones – Send random stuff to random people and video their reactions. Fireworks Dropping Drones – Our ability to “ignite and drop” fireworks from the sky will dramatically change both how they’re made and the artistry used to display them. Spot Advertising – Project momentary images or commercials on the sidewalk or parking lot in front of members of your target audience. Subliminal Advertising – Project scenic or artistic images on walls, trees, and surfaces, each with hidden messages suggesting a variety of products or services inside the graphics and images. Multimedia Formations – Swarms morphing and shape-shifting into giant three-dimensional logos and messaging. Banner Pulling Drones – Old school advertising brought closer to earth. Food and Product Sampler Drones – Since fewer people will be going to stores, they can sample new things on a regular basis. Grandstanding Drones – Using drones to do something spectacular. Each form of livestock will require different sensors, tracking systems, and monitoring equipment.

Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.

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Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.

Naturally, jumping into an epiphany fest like this involves editing out all the goofy ones, and few others too esoteric to be meaningful. Several companies are testing drone delivery services Delivery 25.

As promised, here are the 24 categories I’ve created, with 8 examples in each category. PO Box Drones – Your post office box, once it’s been filled, will lift off and deliver the mail directly to you. Medical Prescription Delivery – 24-hour, any time, any place.

But a device like this could also be used for spot advertising – creating momentary images on the sidewalk or parking lot; subliminal advertising – suggesting a variety of products or services inside graphic images; emergency rescue – displaying a series of arrows to help someone lost in a forest; or image masking – to disguise someone’s body and facial features to prevent them from being monitored. Insurance Adjuster Drones – Filing a claim will never been easier. Instant Listing Drone – Put your house up for sale in a matter of minutes.

This line of thinking started me down several dozen new paths almost instantly. University of South Florida plans to let students checkout drones at its library Library Drones – As we enter the drone era, the library/sharing economy will take on some interesting new dimensions. Tool Loaning Libraries – Borrow a drill, wrench, socket set, welding torch, hammer, plane, power saw, soldering iron, or more. Emergency Equipment Loaning Libraries – Emergency generators, emergency lighting, first aid kits, etc. Pet Lending Library – Animal shelters or fraction pet ownership kennels will be able to fly your pet to you at a moments notice. 24-Hour Books, Audio Books, Videos, Artwork, & Information Archives – On demand library services delivered right to your home. Tech Lending Library – If you find an old Commodore 64 disc or Atari Space Invaders cartridge and want to have a retro weekend, just borrow one of the original computers or game consoles to make it happen. Borrow an Expert Library – Flying video screen with a live connection so you can have a brief conversation with an expert who can answer your questions. Borrow a Big Brother – Companionship with a drone chaperone.

Bad guys and terrorists can be influenced and maybe even grow a conscious without ever knowing they’re being externally manipulated. Mosquito-Free Zone Drones – Keeps all of these pesky critters away. Dating Drone – Spots nearby potential dating partners who fall into your compatibility categories. Relevancy Drone – To filter out anything that’s not relevant. Elevator Drones – Set up to move people on the outside of buildings, also with the capability of doing building hopping. This “eye in the sky” can range from several miles across on one extreme to a micrometer across on the other. Superman Swarm – With flying swarms that serve as our clothing, the next step will be for them to evolve into an exoskeleton of sorts for physical enhancement.

With a little voodoo programming the voice can sound exactly like a person’s own voice. Massive Flying Drone Resorts – Think of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas hovering at 1,000-foot altitude. In personal confrontations, swarmbots will form a protective shield around people, keeping them safe. Mental Conduit Swarms – Swarmbots will serve as an information conduit for our minds, forming antennae to capture wireless transmissions, forming an information-processing array for the data, floating visual displays that only we can see. Remote Viewing Swarms – Remote viewing from anywhere, at any time, from any angle, will be possible as the swarm moves into whatever position we ask it to.

One moment they can be hovering in front of you and the next they can fly off at the speed of sound, disappearing into the clouds.

Combining all these capabilities, attributes, and special features into one single device will open up a world of possibilities unlike anything before in all history.

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