Many of us consider this purchase unnecessary as there are another ways to store them, less expensive.

Therefore, this article is created to show the importance of cigars' humidors and tips for maintaining them correctly.

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So much of this I didn't know, especially the part about the sun rays hitting the humidors.

I've had people ask before and now I know where to send them.

Now it's time to place your cigars in their personal oasis!

Seems that everything is perfect and goes well, but don't think you can relax now.

This is one of the possible alternatives but BE CAREFULL: this step can damage the cedar wood your humidor is made of.

It is possible that it will not seal properly after such an impolite attitude.

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The moisture in its turn contributes to the improvement of cigar's flavor, which is the most important issue.

The first step is to regulate the humidity level in your humidor. Some people clean their humidors with a fresh sponge free of soap and distilled water.

Use tap water only in case it is stated in the directions - it contains minerals that ruin the majority of humidification mechanisms.