Alix ignored his request, and she was about to start another round of toying with her captive -- when an intruder interrupted the couple!Soon Alix found herself just as helpless as poor Max! [September 7] ALIX LYNX teases MAX mercilessly with her sweet-perfumed cleavage...

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Unfortunately a unscrupulous movie producer picks Dustin up and shows him the ropes!

Dustin is first tied up in just his underwear, socks and cowboy hat!

[September 25] ALIX LYNX bravely made a go for her celphone, but just as it seemed she might be successful, they were caught in the act -- and to MAX EVERGREEN's dismay, the pair were "dealt with appropriately"! [September 21] This scene is also available as a video clip on Bound and Gagged Couples!

Katburglar Part 1: While relaxing at home, DOGO DA VINCI is suddenly surprised by a break-in! (Unbeknownst to Dogo, the catty criminal's secret identity is LOLA PEARL, mild-mannered homemaker!

[October 30] This scene is also available as a clip download at FM Concepts!

The intruder left happy -- but he left behind two very unhappy captives!

Was he ever surprised when he heard mmphing noises coming from the stairway...! [September 27] Katburglar Part 2: The Kitchy-Koo Katburglar (secret identity LOLA PEARL) finishes searching DOGO DA VINCI's home, then ropes him into a hogtie.

Before making her getaway, though, the sexy burglar can't resist a few more sadistic tickles bestowed upon Dogo as he struggles helplessly!

) The terrified man is trussed, dominated, tickled, gagged, and then left helpless while the Katburglar searches the house for valuables!

[September 19] DOGO DA VINCI was so startled by finding LOLA PEARL blindfolded, bound and gagged that he failed to look behind him...!

Unfortunately, right before he could untie her, the rest of the guys came in and caught Donnie red-handed! LOLA PEARL enjoys having total control over poor tied-up DOGO DA VINCI.