It’s a movement that makes you do a mental double-take, not least because it doesn’t fit with the paternal image that Don shows towards Bobby.“Maybe it’s a thing I have... I’m sensing this is a weird perversity you’ve seen in me, which I like.“To be honest I am still trying to work out what his physicality suddenly realise something you’ve been doing for six weeks makes no sense and you have to completely reconstruct what your idea of the character is, which is exciting because it means when you go on that night you’re terrified, which normally means somewhere it’s right. ”Even if he did something totally radical, you get the sense Lewis and Goodman in all their consummate brilliance would take it in their stride and make it work.The couple have a two-year-old daughter, Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge.

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I am just finding out how to keep this alive.”He pauses and then mumbles, “It’s really unfair to interview someone after a show”, and I leave him to ponder how to sort out his character for opening night.

Since giving birth to her daughter Marlowe with ex Tom Sturridge in 2012, Miller’s body has changed.

“I feel like I learn [from them] all the time, definitely,” he says, “for different reasons their work has been very important to me and so I was proud to be in the room with them.”The yellow-walled dressing room has a conspicuous void of mementos from his family; no photos, not even a good luck card.

When he leaves the room in search of a lighter he tells me I’m welcome to rummage around and so I flick through his battered copy of the script. “I’ll come back later.” Sturridge has written in pencil.

After offering a full and satisfactory answer I then ask him about his.“The phrase ‘dream career’ sounds pretty stupid,” he spits, “what a stupid thing to say.” Then all in a rush: “The one thing I do know is that I don't have any tools or muscles to do it and so I don’t see it as one job.

I see every [job] as ‘how the fuck do I solve this problem and get away with it?The scene ends with a kiss but in the new film version, in a moment that is most definitely not in Thomas Hardy’s original tale, Sturridge forcefully grabs at Mulligan’s vagina through her dress.“Did I?Maybe that was improvised,” he cackles with a rakishly raised eyebrow.Tonight there’s a tiny nick just below his eye, no bigger than a fingernail.“I’ve become obsessed with making these scars that are totally useless and not valuable to the play at all but keep me happy for some reason,” he says.“There’s a kind of myth that things are really comfortable if you’re an actor but this is what it is,” he shrugs.Tom Sturridge is an actor who’s so far been better known for his relationships with his fiancée, Sienna Miller, and his best friend, Robert Pattinson, than for his own acting CV, but that could all change this week with two high-profile projects.