Think of them as a larger, vastly more violent variation on Zelig or Forrest Gump.

Soon enough, we are back in the present day and reacquainted with Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg), who took over as the principal human protagonist in the last film, after Hollywood belatedly realized that Shia La Beouf is not an actual movie star. military, and Cade makes his way to England where he meets Viviane Wembly (Laura Haddock), an Oxford professor with a penchant for ultratight dresses (yes: Michael Bay movie); Sir Edmund Burton, the last in a long line of custodians of ancient secrets about the Transformers (Anthony Hopkins plays the role, fattening his wallet but depleting his soul); and Burton’s robotic butler, Cogman (Jim Carter), who suffers from very un-butler-like fits of psychotic rage.

Earlier, when news of her dating the London based theatre artiste was first broken by us, she had quoted stating, “I’m not concerned about such speculations, nor do I want to comment on them.

Initially when Shruti was quizzed about dating rumours she had simply shunned all such reports.

And in fact, she had even said that she ignores all such talks.

Cade has been hiding out in South Dakota with a handful of renegade Autobots. I could try to explain what happens afterward, but the chore would be difficult at best, impossible at worst, and pointless in either case.

Suffice it to say that under the influence of Quintessa, a robot sorceress from the Transformer planet of Cybertron—I hate that I had to type those words—Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) turns evil and changes his name to Nemesis Prime.

so he encouraged everyone to partner with their pharmacist.. Bryan was introduced by Brenda Winter (pictured on right with Brian in the middle and President Darren Fisk on the left), and thanked by Martti (he lives with pharma). Here he is fêted with (Left to Right) President Fisk, Peter, Past President Seppo Paivalainen, and proposer PP Dave Legge. Specifically his Power Point presentation (see link) was entitled “ an Introduction to the Programs and their Funding.” This is essential material for all members wishing to familiarize themselves with the “big” picture of Rotary internationally; highly regarded as a foundation globally.

He was introduced by Laurie Tulloch (very comprehensively) and thanked by Bob Tomlinson. Allocations Chair Kevin Holloway (far L) was pleased today to present cheques to another round of worthy community recipients: Marissa Tamasi , a dietician at TBRHSC-Renal Unit on behalf of the renal unit “Hamper Program;” Mitchel Van Kannel on behalf of the MS Society (Lake Superior Chapter) re their “Client Services Program;” and (Rev) Ray Dunn on behalf of Nu-Vision’s “multicultural Youth Counsel” working with other agencies such as TB Police and Dilico in a local Thunder Bay neighbourhood.Michael Bay has promised that this is the last movie. There are, inevitably, plans in the works for a “Transformers Universe” featuring sequels, prequels, and possibly crossovers with other Hasbro-toy franchises such as G. And few have pushed the envelope as aggressively as Michael Bay’s franchise.The first installment was silly, of course—it was a movie about extraterrestrial robots that turn into 18-wheelers and muscle cars—but it had a low-key amiability to it.In any case, fear not Baby Groot: Your reign as the year’s best mini-critter is in no way threatened.