Years later, teenager Alexandria, who went by "Aly," suffered from mental issues as a result of Darla's tragic passing; Darla appeared to Aly first as a gentle spirit, then as a malevolent figure who wanted Aly to avenge her death by doing away with Taylor's other daughter, Steffy Forrester.

During a roadside scuffle with Steffy, Aly hit her head on a rock and died, after which Darla's spectral visits ended.

As Spectra's speciality was duplicating high-end fashion, such as that produced by successful competitor Forrester Creations, Darla often helped Sally get her hands on Forrester designs.

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Having lost her job at Spectra and her friendship with Macy as a result of her pregnancy, Darla opted to raise her baby alone, grateful for Thorne's eventual support.

Darla approached singer Macy backstage at a club opening and mended fences with her hours before Macy was critically injured by a falling chandelier.

With Spectra Fashions facing financial ruin on the heels of Clarke's eventual departure, Darla asked Bill to invest in the crippled company.

Meanwhile, under Sally's direction, Darla disguised herself as "Camille" and got a job in the Forrester Creations mail room so she could steal Forrester designs.

Darla was inconsolable when Sally had to pull the plug on the comatose Macy and named her newborn Alexandria to honor her fallen friend.

Darla and Thorne fell in love and married at the Forrester mansion with full support from Thorne's family, but Darla soon ran afoul of Thorne's brother, Ridge Forrester, when she accidentally brought Sally an envelope full of Forrester designs that she thought were photos from Sally's birthday party.

When Sally decided to go on a world cruise, Darla learned that Sally was really checking herself into an assisted living facility because of her need for a wheelchair, so Darla moved Sally in with her and Thorne.

With the Forrester and Spectra families finally united, Darla threw a birthday party for little Alexandria but received an urgent call from Thorne's niece, Phoebe Forrester, who had gotten a flat tire on a foggy road.

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Darla Einstein (initially referred to as Darla Dinkle) worked for Sally Spectra at second-rate design house Spectra Fashions.