and Elle Fanning are young and both had a strong affiliation for each other and it was assumed that in future their relationship will grow larger and stronger as the time passes.

magazine's annual Women in Hollywood dinner at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. Vincent (whose real name is Annie Clarke) inside the ballroom. You look like the guy in the stock photo in a psychology textbook in the chapter about a sociopath." star said.

They sat next to each other throughout the evening, but didn't show much PDA. "I got to witness my hero up close on a daily basis and she would be generous and kind, fierce yet fair, dole out guidance and never back down."The night included praise for Hillary Clinton and disdain for Donald Trump.

While she may be single for now, Fanning has plenty to keep her busy in her professional life.

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When She was in the seventh grade she felt that to have boy is a very difficult thing.

For her, this was an awkward thing to ditch her parents in this way.“We have to sit there and ask these questions and pretend to eat a meal and it just feels so stiff."Fanning and Strachan, a 35-year-old British model, first sparked dating rumors when they were photographed together in September 2013, while holding hands in New York City.Although the couple, who had a 13-year age gap, attended the Met Gala together in May, they were spotted looking tense while out shopping in NYC in July.As get time they prefer to meet at some lunch place or some where else. Elle Fanning had a similar situation happen with her senior prom this year.But at present situation and circumstances of she has changed.