The movie, Southside With You, which is due to begin shooting in Chicago next summer, will recreate the summer afternoon 25 years ago when the young Barack Obama took his future First Lady on their first date.The writer-director Richard Tanne developed the idea for the independent project with the actress Tika Sumpter, who will play Ms Obama.

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It all felt very inevitable.” Cook even wrote a poem to him saying: “B.

F’s for all the f***ing that we do.” The claims are made in book Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, written by Pulitzer-prize winning biographer David Garrow.

Another ex of Barack's Genevieve Cook, then 25, met the 22-year-old Obama at a New Year’s Eve party in 1983.

He handed her his number and the pair arranged a date two weeks later.

Mr Obama, again smiling at the camera, adds: "Kind of romantic." Mrs Obama struggles to recall whether they went for dinner before or after the museum, before her husband corrects her, saying: "We didn't have dinner we actually had lunch, at the Art Institute. Yeah it was very nice." Mrs Obama added: "He showed all the sides – he was hip, cutting edge, cultural, sensitive. The walk – patient." Looking pleased with himself, Mr Obama again smiles at the camera and says: "Take tips, gentlemen." Mr and Mrs Obama, who met when he was a summer associate at Sidley Austin, the law firm she worked at, married three years later in 1992.

It is not the first time the couple have given romantic advice.

They have previously spoken about the importance of married couples on making time for each other, setting aside evening regularly for "date nights".

Mrs Obama continues: "He showed his cultural side and then we took a nice long walk down Michigan Avenue," according to the first lady.

Barack Obama's former girlfriends have claimed that the ex-US President took hard drugs with one, and cheated on his wife Michelle with the other, at the start of their relationship.