Jam Kazam Another place for musicians seeking to collaborate, Band Mix allows you to create your own profile, with audio if you choose, so people can hear what you’re about.

Band Mix Though you can set up a profile here to find other musicians and session work, it’s also a place for engineers and producers who are available for hire if you want to take the step to recording in a studio environment.

They have very colourful banners with a list of all the dishes they prepare.

Finding band members is no easy task: good local musicians are often quickly snapped up, and as we all know, there's never any shortage of guitar players.

To aid you in your quest, we've put together five options that should help you to pin down that elusive drummer/vocalist/bagpiper.

It’s free to list adverts on here, and you can search by region in the Music, Bands and Musicians section.

Gumtree This app allows you to sign up and play music live online with others – rehearse with people you know or join open sessions for a jam with people at a similar level of ability.

and also desserts and drinks: Pisang Goreng (fried banana), fresh juices... You may have to pay a few thousands rupiah more if you look like an expat, but consider it as a tip!

The portions are small and you are served quickly since the food has already been prepared. If you are looking for a full meal, you can also have, usually half on the sidewalk, half on the road, some stalls with plastic chairs.It’s such a beast to cut-n-paste so I’m throwing it up here.The bulk of this was originally a post from Jon Dale although I don’t have the original URL.I have to feel very ambitious today to write an article in this blog about street food in Jakarta.It's pretty much like planning to write about French cheeses in 500 words: Too much information, too little time...- Jalan Sabang, about 1 km North of Plaza Indonesia and 200 meters from Jalan Jaksa used to be a very active spot, almost 24h/24h, but the City Council has made it harder for street food stalls to stay on the sideway, and now it is very quiet.