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Iran's supreme court (Divan Alee Keshvar) Iran Judiciary: Legal Documents Office The Judiciary Law Journal Iran's Judicial Training & Research Center (English/Persian)-Provides an overview of the judicial system.

Includes selected laws, legal articles and links to related sites.

Court of Justice | Civil Code | Citizenship Law | Drug Law | Election Law | Environmental Law | Natural Resources Law | Family Law | Labor Law | Disability Law | Maritime Law | Caspian Sea Legal Status | NGO Law | Press Law | Associations | Law Firms | Human Rights | HR Activists | Law Sites | Law Journals | News | Islamic Law | Int.

Law Constitution Constitution (ICL-English)-Adopted in 1979 and amended in 1989.

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Executive | Legislative | Judicial | Legal Guides | Laws & Regulations | Business & Trade Law | US Trade Sanctions | Iran-US Tribunal | Iran-US Treaties | Int.

s contributions to the Law of State Responsibility Iran-US Treaties Treaties in Force as of January 1, 2003 (U. Department of State)-Read pages 139, 140, 141 in pdf format.

Clipping page 139 (gif) | Clipping page 140 (gif) | Clipping page 141 (gif) Iran/United States Treaty of Amity, Economic Relations and Consular Rights, signed at Tehran on 15 August 1955 International Court of Justice Oil Platforms (Islamic Republic of Iran v.

Law of Exploitation and protection of the Aquatic Resources (FAO) Law concerning the Exploitation and Protection of Aquatic Resources (FAO) Family Law Family Law in Iran (USTATS) Iran Family Law (International Divorce) Family Law (Iranica) Iran Family Law (Emory University) Law pertaining to population and family planning (Harvard University) Family Protection Bill (as amended in August 2011) Marriage and Divorce Under Iranian Family Law Family Law (Persian) Family, law and education for women in the Muslim world Chronology of Events Regarding Women in Iran since the Revolution of 1979.