Because Lesly is becoming more and more popular these days, some men are aware of this app which attracts numerous attractive women.In December 2017, Lesly’s Customer Service Team have received 98 messages from women who reported men’s profiles on this app, and those men’s profiles were deactivated by Lesly immediately.“I have had a very good experience on Lesly,” says Brook R., a lesbian single who joined this lesbian dating app last month, “The quality of women on Lesly is the highest that I’ve ever seen.

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Et je suis toujours prête à faire de nouvelles découvertes! Like working out but like being a couch potato......

Hello, my name is Caroline Magnolia and I'm mostly seeking a friend.

I love being outside; anything involving water (swimming, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba; to mention a few). I want evenings cuddling by the fire, watching a movie or listening to music.

I'm good on my own and, still, am looking forward to that particular delight that comes from joining with someone else and creating something new, more than the sum of the two.

I am a news and political junkie who has been known to binge watch Homeland and House of Cards. Pour moi, réussir sa vie, c'est de profiter des moments présents seule, à deux, entre amies et en famille.

Ainsi, j'aime beaucoup me retrouver en nature et profiter de la vie : détente sur le bord d‘un lac ou dans un hamack, faire du canot, du kayack, un feu de camp, marcher en forêt, etc, etc, Les balades en moto ou en voiture sont une réel détente.I don't know that our relationship should blossom in something deeper, but who knows ? I like music, drawing, painting, videogames and reading.I also like walking and bike riding when I have somewhere to go, especially during the crisp and cool fall evenings. I like animals at some degree (I own a pet rabbit and a bird) but my allergies keep me from owning a dog or cat.Je m'intéresse aux gens et à ce qui se passe dans le monde.Bien que j'habite un milieu urbain, je passe beaucoup de temps dans la nature sauvage, un mode de vie qui m'est précieux.I'm a little bit shy but I want to meet other women who I can talk to about my life, be spontaneous and sincere.