Pivot then imagines a film that could be created ... She is now a big time director whose most recent film was a very ...See full summary » Jean-Louis and Anne have had their fling and separated. See full summary » The inspector Staniland as always try to put himself in the place of the victim, this time an unsuccessful pianist.In a radio interview he insists that one should watch his new film without knowing anything about the story.

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1 Peter tells us to always be ready to give an explanation for the hope that is within. It has been blinded to the Truth and the results are startling.

Today’s society promotes a culture of hedonism, minimalism, atheism that resembles the culture of death St. This unfortunate reality has led to a deterioration of the human spirit.

Odona is a con artist pursued and protected by a Paris policeman. See full summary » Salomé Lerner just finished writing an autobiograpy.

She goes to a TV show called "Apostrophes", hosted by French TV showman Bernard Pivot.

In a broader sense it has to do with the fear of a nuclear holocaust which is quite typical of the 1980s.

This movie is a strange puzzle: Not before the end titles you will be able to put the pieces together which Lelouch has scattered in front of you during the last 105 minutes.We must see sin and evil for what it is and not conform to it for the sake of good order.Sins of omission can be more dangerous to our souls than those of commission." is an underrated highlight of the French cinema in the 80s.In a time when organized religion and freedom of conscience seem to be dwindling on a daily basis, we as Catholics must make every effort to remain undeterred.Just as Eli was found responsible for the sins of his sons, Hophni and Phineas, by not speaking out against them, we, too, run a similar risk by not stepping out of our comfort zones to become great witnesses for Truth.