The method for invoking is slightly different, but as with the previously mentioned extension, it uses your project namespace and folder hierarchy to define the correct namespace for each C# file in a project.If you use Chris Dahlberg's Style Cop tools to enforce C# code style and consistency rules, check out the new Style Cop Check-in Policy 2017 extension. MSBuild Nu Get package, enabling you to configure your build settings so Style Cop warnings don't appear as errors during builds, but will keep team members from checking in bad code.Whack Whack Terminal, by Daniel Griffen, is a new extension that provides a terminal emulator as a tab in Visual Studio 2017 (see Figure 1).

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Settings to configure the default interpreter are scheduled for an upcoming release.

Builtin Cmd, by Lky Tal, provides only Windows command prompt support in a Visual Studio tab. Pollynator, by David Paul Mc Quiggin, is a code-generation tool for creating service-dependency interfaces.

T4 Toolbox also adds syntax highlighting, outlining, tooltips, error reporting and statement completion for T4 text template editing in Visual Studio.

Co Co, by George Aleksandria, analyzes your code to provide a sort of quasi-semantic syntax highlighting for C# code in Visual Studio 2017.

As I'm writing this, the available release defaults to a Power Shell command prompt.

However, once you're in the terminal, you can employ Windows command prompts, Power Shell cmdlets, or invoke a Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) Bash prompt.

Coming at this same dependency metadata problem from a different angle, if you're editing files in a Git repository, Git Web Links lets you get a link back to the file's repository on Git Hub (or Bitbucket if that's how you roll).

Git Web Link supports repositories hosted in Git Hub, Git Hub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Cloud.

Read more The new Dashboard Demo showcases Flex Chart, linear gauge, Flex Grid, range navigator, Flex Pivot, map, and funnel chart controls. Point and Figure has been added to Financial Chart chart types, and you can now explore indicators and overlays in the new demo.