Along with electricity and the butane torch, one of the very few ways modern technology improves on the classics. This seems to represent a sadism subset where the infliction of pain alone is the goal, one small step higher than squirting lighter fluid on a cat.

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And they're too big for a cheater bar to give much help. To make them useful, you'd either need gearing on the rim, which is anachronistic, or a ratcheting device (which is a primitive form of gearing) on the rim to exert some real leverage.

Or, as the Brits did, use the drums only to direct the heavy ropes toward a forged iron roller in the middle, under the rack.

Meanwhile, not only will there be full nudity in Justine, Margot is discussing all the various ways the girls will be tortured.

Guys, we really should be lucky we have the opportunity to help fund a film like Justine. ------------------------------------ Kathyrne: It doesn't get said nearly enough, but I really enjoy the artworks you contribute to this board.

I like this alternative as NC has worked out for me and I have not had any issues with the NC so far. The first Teraz movie on NC is I'm not knowledgeable enough on engineering principles to understand the fine points of leverage and torque.

I enjoy the hulking executioners pulling on the rack levers with a willing suspension of disbelief, content with my ignorance. I'm posting a modern version that satisfies any latent mechanical reservations. I suspect her sole reason for being in this vid is that she is female.I was wondering if others feel the same appeal for classy ladies in bondage, prison or otherwise.A few movies that are mandatory watching for those with similar tastes (a bit unexpected but god-awful Lifetime movies usually get this right): False Arrest: [com] Without a Kiss Goodbye: [com] Woman on Trial: The Lawrencia Bembenek Story: [com] Of course by many standards these movies are tame and lame, but they set the stage properly and elevate the pathos of upper middle class women finding themselves in chains!Being of small diameter, it allows a finer degree of control.That way, the tension is coming from both ways, balancing the structure. I was checking what's new on other commercial sites and boy, looks like pd either can't afford anyone looking half decent or he went legally blind.His releases are increasingly showcasing women that look like they came out of a shelter. To JD: No its not just you; wow, that is an unattractive model.