TARGET values are calculated based on a linear scaling, or percent reduction, from the BASELINE values.The YOUR BUILDING marker lists the EUI and Zero Score for the building based on its actual energy consumption and generation.XLS export templates, EPA Portfolio Manager Web Services, custom CSV templates, and energy meters.

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The Zero Tool’s analysis is based on the CBECS 2003 dataset, an industry baseline which has been agreed upon by most building sector organizations including Architecture 2030, ASHRAE, AIA, and USGBC.

The Zero Tool will allow those designing to the 2030 Challenge and other targets maintain pre-existing baselines in order to continue to measure their progress.

If no values are entered, the YOUR BUILDING marker is not shown.

The Zero Tool was co-developed in 2016 by Architecture 2030 and Maalka.Maalka is an open-data platform that automates your building benchmarking program so that you can focus on engaging building owners, managers, and tenants to reach energy-use and carbon reduction goals.Working directly with cities across the United States, Maalka has developed award-winning applications that integrate data collection, validation, analysis, visualization, reporting, and outreach.The Zero Scale is intended to help project teams better understand the requirements of an energy reduction target and visualize their relative progress towards achieving Zero Net Carbon.The scale shows Zero Score values ranging from 100 to zero, with three markers related to the project: BASELINE, TARGET and YOUR BUILDING.TASKING enables industry leading companies to fulfill their promise, one line of code at a time.