Colorism is the preferential treatment of people with light skin and discrimination against people with dark skin (Russell et al 2013).The red police-agents (c-police) represent police officers whose policing decisions are influenced by colorism.The NPL (Non Performing Loan) market is simulated in relation to the out-of-court behavior of borrowers: out-of-court behavior is helpful because it shortens the time of recovery even if the amount of the receivable decreases.

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This model illustrates Kenneth Waltz's 1981 theory of nuclear proliferation.

According to Waltz, on a long enough timeline states will seek to balance against nuclear-armed states by acquiring their own nuclear weapons.

The model, associated files, and examples of data output files are included in the folder This is a model of viral infection dynamics and antiviral immunity.

The model considers infectivity and spread of visions in a tissue as well as cytotoxic host defense from T cells and NK cells as well as innate type I IFN based antiviral responses.

This is for educational purposes, but future versions of this model will explore several other variables dealing with proliferation/non-proliferation/disarmament.

This model simulates the phenomenon random genetic drift.We encourage users to share your models with the Net Logo user community. Roland Zink ([email protected])This model simulates the trucks' flow in tolls on a high way.You may upload your model through our model upload page. Use it if you prefer to host your model on an external web site. Credits: TUTORIAL DE NETLOGO - is a second version of the Local Policing and Colorism model which simulates the uni-directional influence (infection) of colorism.The web site will automatically create a web page for your model. In this version of the model, the influence of colorism is bi-directional.The model simulates the policing behavior of two types of local-level police-agents based on the phenomena of colorism.The industry has a tendency to sell products in low quantity, with high demand variation.