Once the data plan is activated, the user will have access to RIM’s Black Berry Internet Service or Black Berry Enterprise Service, depending on the plan features. Log in to your account on your cellular service provider's website.

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Identification of these parts and components is not that difficult.

The PCB of any mobile phone of any brand namely Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, China Mobile Phones etc is divided into 2 Parts namely: (1) Network Section; and (2) Power Section.

Each option has its own features, such as a specific amount of bandwidth, and is often priced in its own tier.

Select the plan that best meets your needs based on your budget or bandwidth requirements.Andy Walton has been a technology writer since 2009, specializing in networking and mobile communications.He was previously an IT technician and product manager.You may be asked to pay for the plan upgrade immediately, but you can request that it be added to your next bill. Request that the carrier update your Black Berry's service books if an automatic update feature is not available through your online account.After providing your account details, the carrier will issue a service books update to your Black Berry, which will complete the data plan activation and allow you to access the device's data-based features.If you see BBM appear in the Upgrades list, you no longer have the latest version of the BBM software.