W3C's role in making the Recommendation is to draw attention to the specification and to promote its widespread deployment.

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This document has been produced as part of the Voice Browser Activity.

The authors of this document are participants in the Voice Browser Working Group. During the Candidate Recommendation phase, four independently developed implementations were evaluated.

If the session was started because of a , it will start without ownership of any event endpoints.

In the case of an external session launch the session will not own any event endpoints.

The entrance criteria for the Proposed Recommendation phase requires a minimum of two independently developed interoperable implementations for each required feature, two or more implementations of optional features that would impact interoperability, and a minimum of one implementation for each optional feature that has no impact on interoperability. For further details and complete results please see section 7 of the CCXML Implementation Report.

Comments received during the Candidate Recommendation period can be found in the Disposition of Comments.

A CCXML application can determine the reason its session was started by evaluating the contents of the When a CCXML session ends, all active connections, conferences and dialogs that are owned by that session are automatically terminated by the platform.

The following diagrams illustrate the session life-cycle of several different scenarios.

To create a CCXML session, the URI for the initial CCXML document must be known, along with any fetching parameters affecting how that CCXML document is retrieved.