The developer promises hundreds of improvements — more than 300 are listed in the patch notes — in version 1.10.

The process of obtaining it is the same as previous sets – you will first need to find the diagrams, and then craft the gear at the smith.

To find the diagrams, talk to the Grandmaster Smith in southern Beauclair – he will start the Scavenger Hunt quests for finding the Grandmaster versions of Wolf, Griffin, Cat, and Bear school gear.

In the Blood & Wine expansion, you have the option of upgrading your mastercraft witcher gear sets to an additional tier – Grandmaster.

This gear is not only higher quality and level (40), but also provides you with two unique set bonuses.

I—Phil—have hijacked Andy's post in order to add in the full goddamn thing.

Additional fixes to the Hearts of Stone expansion are also included, as well as some other miscellaneous fixes to bugs and glitches that had popped up.

"Once you play it, you'll be able to choose the one that fits you better." It's a selectable option, he added separately, so that players who prefer the old system (or are at least used to it) aren't forced to endure unnecessary changes.

The only downside to the patch is that the studio has been so focused on getting it finished on time that there won't be any free DLC this week.

CD Projekt Red released a new update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt today — version 1.10 — giving players a long, long list of tweaks, performance improvements, bug fixes and gameplay changes.