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updating tc35 firmware-43

I’m very pleased with the end result which is very ‘stealthy’ and actually to my mind is much neater than the official Texecom unit.

Here is the whole cabinet, with the SIM800 module next to the main board on the right and the regular board hidden behind the bundle of sensor cables (note the incredibly bright green LED! The antenna is on the top with the black cable just about visible.

The ‘online’ doesn’t mean anything as it says this even when nothing is connected.

As usual there is a huge amount of configuration you can do, and this is contained in the manual for the real GSM unit.

It is wise to tone down the notifications, since as default you will get an SMS message every time the panel is armed or disarmed and it seems to store a backlog.

When I first got it working I got loads and loads of text messages for the last week or so.

I think it does now work though so maybe I’ll find a use for it in another project.

I have now connected up the SIM800L module along with the voltage regulator and it worked perfectly first time.

I’ve developed the capability of the alarm and it does now stand alone in the event of a power failure etc and can get to the outside world without relying on the Internet. In the mean time, if this interests you I’d thoroughly recommend Andy Carter’s blog on the subject which I’ve found a mine of useful information.

The TW-media has been heating up about the romance between Rainie and Prince since they were spotted out on a 9 hour date right before Lunar New Year.

I have now succeeded in getting my Com GSM substitute to work.