In addition, because the update runs in the background, users might not know an update is in progress.

The current slot is bootable when the system is running, but the other slot may have an old (still correct) version of the system, a newer version, or invalid data.

Regardless of what the attribute set by the user space, which is relevant only if the slot is also bootable.

NET backend, using A Java Script based single page app with a .

NET backend that authenticates users for Azure AD, Microsoft personal and work accounts, and more, and calls the backend web api using access tokens, without using any Single Page Application framework Use Key Vault from App Service with Managed Service Identity and Python Sample that shows how to fetch a secret from Azure Key Vault at run-time from an App Service with a Managed Service Identity (MSI) and Python.

Media Services: Integrating Azure Media Services with Azure Functions and Logic Apps Sample Azure Functions for use with Azure Media Services.

Ingest from Azure Blobs, encode and output to Azure Blobs, monitor encoding progress, and use Web Hooks or Queues to hook into the workflow.The OTA package server, however, should not require changes: update packages are still served over HTTPS.For devices using Google's OTA infrastructure, the system changes are all in AOSP, and the client code is provided by Google Play services.Other commercial-grade operating systems such as Chrome OS also use A/B updates successfully.A/B system updates provide the following benefits: A/B updates require changes to both the client and the system.The update payload consists of the following: The post-install step (if any) is run.