This query implements a many-to-many join and that means you'll have "duplication" on both sides - the customer side and the class side. Very simple to work with if you create the correct form structure.

Thanks Pat, I take it from your second para that I should stick to the form/sub-form structure as also suggested by linq earlier and utilize Access' functionality to ensure data integrity.

updating ms access table from form-61

This allows for the entering of data for multiple Tables from one central location, if you will. In fact, most mulit-table select queries are updateable. Crosstabs and totals queries aggregate data and so they are not updateable because the identity of the individual records is not maintained so there is no way for the query engine to know which record should be updated.

This also extents to queries that join to non-updateable queries. The other category of non-updateable queries is those that are based on linked tables that are not updateable.

The only way that Bound Forms can include Data from multiple Tables is through he use of a Query, to join the Tables, and the vast majority of Multi-Table Queries are Read-Only.

As Dave said, the standard way of handling this is through the use of a Main Form/Subform scenario.

Hi: How do you update a table with values from unbound box. Else, the "Rev Memo" field will be updated with values from the text box. Rider Jon"I might have created ctrl alt del, But Bill made it famous" - Dr. If you you will want to put code in the afterupdate event of the combo box or the click event of a button if you will let them change their minds. Rider Jon"I might have created ctrl alt del, But Bill made it famous" - Dr.

If the user selects "app", I want the value in the textbox to update "App Memo" column in tbl Info. I got it to work by putting the code in the "on Exit" event.

Fairly new Access user; finally figured out my data model - a simple one; created all the tables (5) and relationships; cleansed and imported my data from excel and it looks pretty good; I can't for the life of me figure out how to develop a custom form (unlike a typical Access form with imbedded tables), that would create new records on the three tables; basically its an enrollment form that has customer information (table1), enrollment details (table2) and course details (table3); would appreciate some guidance; thanks Thank you for your advice, rammudali.

By view, I suppose you mean a query; if so, would it be an append query?

If you can't update the table, you can't update a query based on it.