Even though it's far from "perfect", I like 98SE and it meets all my needs.My intentions are to completely migrate away from MS (we'll see, LOL). Your opinions are valued.[text was edited by author 2003-10-02 ]Nam what software are you using that would get hosed by IE6?? nero is the best and I believe most burners sold today come with it or you can download it.

updating internet explorer win98se-84

Please find about 960 files or more to delete (Web browser cache files would work great).

Open Windows Explorer and highlight the folder(s) with over 960 files or 960 files.

After I and others began reporting problems with going back, Microsoft issued a warning that users should NOT attempt to go back.

I found that files from IE6 were intertwined with those from IE5.5 after I went back.

Now IE is IE it doesn’t change for OS to OS, but the OS it’s on can and will effect the security, w98 is less secure then DOS, no ACL’s DACL’s, GPO’s, NTFS.

If you don’t want to upgrade to XP then at leased NT 4 or WIN2K or even Linux anything but W98what?

[text was edited by author 2003-10-01 ]Win98 and IE5.5 support are terminating.

IE6 is, at the present time, fully functional with W98.

Another person (S Respass [email protected] -- remove ANT to e-mail him) had the same exact symptoms I have.