While the house originally attracted us with it’s potential curb appeal, the yard was very overgrown and dated (pretty much like the interior) when we moved in.If I had to sum it up, I would say it was overwhelming for our season of life with a growing family.Although we’ve done so much to the inside to improve this home, this feels like the biggest step we’ve taken yet in really making the house ours.

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For the last few weeks I have lived and breathed constant The Everyday Planner™ work, as well as battling a poorly-timed bout of pneumonia (is there ever a good time, really?

), so today I’m taking a much needed planner-break to recharge ahead of the launch!

After that, all rot will be addressed, it will be correctly primed to seal out moisture, and painted with a professional exterior paint.

As far as the trim goes, a lot of it has rotted to the point that it needs to be replaced.

We decided to go the same route with the new yard, and begin the process of simplifying.

Our first step came in the Spring of 2014- we had my dad (a licensed arborist and owner of Royle Tree Company) and his crew take down over a dozen of the giant pine trees.Our goal was to just have a pretty and simple front lawn.Removing the trees made a huge difference, it’s a much cleaner look and paves the way for our overall vision of the front of the house.There were large mulched islands filled with giant 120 foot pine trees that swayed terrifyingly in strong winds.There were dozens of overgrown shrubs that we didn’t even know how to begin maintaining. We had a large yard in our previous home, but it was very simple- there were some lovely flowering shrubs and borders, but it was manageable.We are still working to this day on simplifying and creating a park-like perimeter and landscape, which has involved ripping out a lot of overgrown giant rhododendrons and random undergrowth.