We just hope it helps to change your Android phone/tablet names for Bluetooth and Wi Fi connections.

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Once the update is installed (it takes awhile), power off and restart your Fire tablet.

The easiest way to change the device name of your Android device is doing it from the About screen itself.

Open Settings on your phone or tablet, scroll to About and tap on it.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the most used modes of connectivity features on smartphones for sharing internet data and file transfer from one compatible device to another.

If you scan for a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection with your Android phone or tablet, you will see either a generic or customized name of the detected devices.

mpv is a media player based on MPlayer and mplayer2.

It supports a wide variety of video file formats, audio and video codecs, and subtitle types.

Or you can download all 4 in a zip file from here: Google Drive (old files).

Note that if you use the second option you’ll also need to install a file manager app such as ES File Explorer to extract the zip file.

On the next screen, tap on Device Name, type the desired name for your device in the text field and select OK.

If you have an HTC device, go to Settings Mobile Hotspot and Tethering and turn it on.

That method requires using a Windows computer and sometimes getting the drivers to work is a pain, so here’s an even easier solution to add the Play Store to your Fire tablet.