The current FTR includes Amendments from FTR Amendment 2016-02. The Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) enumerates the travel and relocation policy for all Title 5 Executive Agency employees.The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is available at

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If your computer has been infected with Crypto Defense there may be a chance to restore your files.

This identifier is probably used by the Decrypt Service web site to identify the private key that can be used to decrypt the file when performing a test decryption.

You can see these strings of text in a hex editor as shown below: Based on research performed by Decrypter Fixer, it appears that this infection is installed through programs that pretend to be flash updates or video players required to view an online video.

The files are encrypted using RSA-2048 encryption, which makes them impossible to decrypt via brute force methods. and the second string is a unique identifier for the infected computer.

At the beginning of each encrypted file will be two strings of text. An example identifier is 18177F25DA00CD4CBC3D1b8B9F55F018. All encrypted files on the same computer will contain the same unique identifier.

Though this infection has numerous similarities to Crypto Locker or Cryptor Bit, there is no evidence that they are related.

In order to purchase the decryptor for your files you need to pay a 0 USD ransom in Bitcoins.

For instructions on how to decrypt your files, please see this section.