Worse, the malware can hand over the control of your machine to someone else, like a hacker.

updating activex objects-32

This is necessary even if you are logged into the computer as the admin.

To run Internet Explorer as the administrator, right-click on the Internet Explorer icon and select Run as Administrator. Standard Installation Issues: Internet Information Bar After installation of Windows, the Microsoft Information Security Bar is "On" by default, and you'll be prompted to click the Information Bar to install any Web site's Active X control. Microsoft Security Warning Dialog Next, you will see a Microsoft Security Warning.

If you want to see what happens when a user goes to a Web page with an out-of-date Flash Active X control after October 11, 2016, you can run this test: You’ll now get an out-of-date Active X control blocking notice when a Web site tries to load an outdated Flash Active X control.

If you need more time to minimize your reliance on outdated Flash Active X controls, see the Out-of-date Active X control blocking on managed devices section of the Out-of-date Active X control blocking topic.

As you update, remember to leave the “Install updates automatically when available” recommended setting enabled!

This will allow Adobe Flash Player to update automatically when new security updates are available, so you never have to worry about being out-of-date again.

Update (October 11, 2016): As of today, out-of-date Flash Active X control blocking for IE11 is live.

The blocking period will continue till November 10, 2016.

All subsequent out-of-date Flash Active X controls will be allowed.