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“Lesbian profiles tended to have more visual and clear self-representation with full-face selfies expected and used as well as more ‘artistic’ and ‘reflective’ pictures.

“Gay guys had the most complex range: those pictures just showing flesh and muscles tend to be looking exclusively for sex, whereas face shots and still life tended to be those who didn’t want to give clues about whether their intentions were romantic or purely sexual.” They found that a lot of straight women tend to use selfies, and highly stylised and Photoshopped pictures.

While Choi’s team didn’t “follow through” any of these chats, they gauged what people wanted. The most obvious seemed to be that the likelihood of finding sex online in China is vastly higher for a gay man than for a gay woman or straight person of either sex.

Many straight women were unresponsive to flirting, chatting or even invitations just for a coffee, leading Choi to conclude that straight men, even the handsome ones, seem to lose out easily online.

He gets enrolled in Brakebills University and discovers magic is hard work and comes with a cost -- but that doesn't stop him from pursuing the fairy tale world of Fillory that he's been reading about since he was a child to discover if that is real too.

Season 1 ended on a pretty major cliffhanger, but Season 2 -- which premieres in early 2017 -- will pick up right where the first season left off.

Missed The Magicians the first time around, or just wish that it hasn't bleeped out all its F-bombs?

Well Syfy has some exciting news for you, because the network is offering all 13 episodes of Season 1 uncensored with limited commercials.

Kevin Choi, head of strategy and digital at French creative agency Air Paris’ Shanghai office, decided to get a closer look, launching a research project outside of work to find out more.