Bipolar: “I’m leaving because I just don’t love you anymore and you make me feel like shit.” Supporter: “Hm. You know your emotions will warp when you get unwell.” (Soft) Bipolar: “No, I don’t think so.” Supporter: “Well, what if it is?

How about you sit on those emotions for another few months or so?

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That may range from an affair, to cutting, to just throwing away jobs.

Additionally, their thoughts can take off and run away with them if they aren’t anchored to reality and repercussions in some way.

Well, I’ll work on giving you more space if you’ll talk to your doctor about the meds you decided to quit cold turkey.” (Hard) In this example, it would be easy for the Supporter to fall into an argument with the Bipolar.

Instead we employ a Soft counter that acknowledges the Bipolar’s feelings (even if they are skewed they are real to the Bipolar) that also gives us ammunition to work with.

The more they think, the more opportunities they have to realize that something isn’t quite right about their thoughts.

It won’t always work but it is a better strategy than trying to hammer through their unwell thoughts with force. You’re gaining ground once they are embroiled in thought, trying to figure out your words and the discrepancies they are faced with. ” (Soft) Bipolar: “About a month or so.” Supporter: “Oh? ” (Soft) Bipolar: “Tough but I didn’t feel like I do now.” Supporter: “And you’re certain it’s not a Bipolar swing?

You, the well-minded supporter, have the benefit of knowing what the facts and reality actually are in most cases. *Facts Are Your Friend- Use Them The unwell person is going to wind up with borderline delusional thinking on a regular basis.

The idea is that countering force with force is only going to result in both parties being injured. Instead of directly attacking back, you use the opponent’s energy and motion to your benefit.

That’s your choice.” to show the Bipolar that it is their choice- not yours.