There's something familiar about the Niro, but it's an all-new car.

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It is the sister paper of The Daily Telegraph, also published by the Telegraph Media Group, but is run separately with a different editorial staff, although there is some cross-usage of stories.

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Once installed you will see a ‘Download’ button, select this and then the model of kit and the program will download the latest available version of software for you.

(Please note if you wish to store the software for future ‘off line’ use you will need to manually download the file from Then put the car kit into Update Mode (Settings – Device – System – Software Update – Yes) The kit will only stay in update mode for around 5 minutes if no bluetooth connection is made.

To handle polymorphism of Java objects, a field containing the class name must be set into the Mongo document. Not because it is made of ancient wood and magic stones, it just binds Jackson — the fastest Java json (un)marshalling library — to Mongo Java driver with the slightest glue code possible.

Since 0.3, Jongo uses Mongo Java driver at a deeper level to enhance performance.

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