For one day we used the phone with the brightness cranked up to full and it died around pm, which wasn’t good enough.

We then tried auto brightness, which was a lot better – if you stick to auto brightness you’re a lot more likely to make it to the end of the day with some charge left in the tank.

This is especially useful when you’re taking shots of people, but you can use it on objects as well.

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The primary camera is 16MP, and there’s also a 20MP telephoto lens.

The main camera lens has a super-wide aperture of f/1.7, which ensures that photos are bright without being overexposed. Unlike on the Huawei P10, however, where one of the sensors is monochrome for improved contrast, the two color sensors here are designed to offer improved zoom performance, enabling you to zoom in on subjects with minimal loss of image quality.

During our battery test, where we turn the screen up to full brightness and play a 90-minute Full HD video clip, the One Plus 5 only lost 12% of its charge.

That's slightly better than the One Plus 3T, which lost 13%, and noticeably better than the Samsung Galaxy S8, which lost 19%.

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The few dates that he have proves to be unsuccessful because he has the bad luck to met only easy women but he is in search for the real love. Although I'm mad of the director for the scene where he tries a bunch on condoms and says they not fit. On Huawei’s device you can adjust which areas are in and out of focus after you’ve taken the image, but here you’ve got to wait for the camera to focus, and there’s no changing the focal point later.That’s a bit of a shame, but if you get it right the first time you won’t be disappointed with the Portrait Mode.The One Plus 5 will keep pace with a lot of the devices you’ll find on the market today.We typically found it lasting us the full day, maybe dying at around 10pm with hard use.See full summary » While settling his recently deceased father's estate, a salesman discovers he has a sister whom he never knew about, leading both siblings to re-examine their perceptions about family and life choices. Leeza, now engaged to a boy of her father's choice, namely U.