Angie Zapata Location: Greeley, Colorado Cause of Death: She was found in her home with two severe fractures in her skull. Namauu Location: Makiki Honolulu, Hawaii Cause of Death: Stabbed to Death Date of Death: July 17, 2008 Jaylynn was 35 years old.Angie was murdered by 31 year old, Alan Ray Andrade. Samantha Rangel Brandau Location: Milan, Italy Cause of Death: beaten, gang raped and stabbed numerous times before being left for dead.

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Date of Death: August 20, 2008 Nikki was 29 years old.

Ruby Molina Location: Sacramento, California Cause of Death: Drowned Date of Death: September 21, 2008 Ruby’s naked body was found floating in the American river. Aimee Wilcoxson Location: Aurora, Colorado Cause of Death: undetermined (Police have yet to reveal cause) Date of Death: November 3, 2008 Aimee was found dead in her bed. Duanna Johnson Location: Memphis, Tennessee Cause of Death: Shot Date of Death: November 9, 2008 Duanna was found dead in the middle of the street. Dilek Ince Location: Ankara, Turkey Cause of Death: Shot in the back of the head Date of Death: November 11, 2008 Lateisha Green Location: Syracuse, New York Cause of Death: Shot Date of Death: November 14, 2008 Teish was 22 years old.

Lawrence King Location: Oxnard, California Cause of Death: Shot to death by a classmate because he liked to wear women’s clothes. Date of Death: February 12, 2008 Simmie Williams Jr.

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida Cause of Death: Shot to death, Simmie was found wearing women’s clothing.

Cannon, 22, of 404 Arthur St., was shot about p.m.

Friday as he sat in a car parked in front of 411 Seymour St., police said.Brian Mc Glothin (Liked to dress in Women’s clothes Location: Cincinnati, Ohio Cause of Death: Shot in the head with an automatic rifle by Antonio Williams who is serving a six year sentence. Date of Death: December 23, 2007 Gabriela Alejandra Albornoz Location: Santiago, Chile Cause of Death: Attacked and stabbed Date of Death: December 28, 2007 Patricia Murphy (Found Dressed in Women’s clothes) Location: Albuquerque, NM Cause of Death: Shot Several times in the head Date of Death: January 8, 2008 Patricia was 39 years old.Stacy Brown Location: Baltimore, MD Cause of Death: Shot in the head Date of Death: January 8, 2008 Stacy was 30 years old.Ali Location: Iraq Cause of Death:executed for being transgender Date of Death:2008, Month is Unknown Video of Ali before she was executed: v=Z2t DVtj QNf Q *IMPORTANT NOTE – (In case I don’t get the details posted in time) There were 2 other Iraqi, transgender women who were executed at the same time as Ali. Contact Ethan at [email protected]———————————————————— NEWS ITEMS 2008 Family says Moses Cannon was shot because he was gay, and his killing should be treated as a hate crime by Robert A.Baker / The Post-Standard Saturday November 15, 2008, PM “Teish” Cannon was openly gay, and his family said today that is why he was shot and killed Friday night.