Calories burned: Up to 450 “Kayaking gives you that upper-body component that you don’t get in more traditional cardiovascular workouts,” Peterson points out.Calories burned: About 205, depending on conditions This sport—SUP, as it’s affectionately known—is just as good as kayaking, and arguably more demanding because it taxes your lower body as well.Calories burned: At least 125 (again, the rougher the waves, the harder you work).

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SUP builds endurance and balance, giving your entire body a complete cardio workout—in fact, some experts say that 30 minutes of SUP is equivalent to running six miles.

Don't underestimate the power of the wind, either—paddling into even a strong breeze can dramatically increase the difficulty of a trip.

“You have to balance yourself, so your quads, hams and glutes are engaged the entire time,” says Peterson.

(Trust us, you’ll feel the burn in arms, legs and core the next day.) Even the muscles in your feet work hard, since you'll find yourself needing to grip the surface of the board as you stand on it.

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From there, your legs and core are constantly engaged throughout the entire ride.

A successful water-ski run is basically a prolonged wall sit—but without the wall's support, and with the resistance of the water.

“Swimming is, hands down, the best water workout for you,” raves Gunnar Peterson, C. When the muscles in your legs tighten, you get an isometric exercise, which is good for increasing strength over time.