Verhoeven herself is part of the installation, sitting as toilet attendant ready to chat to any willing visitors.

Visitors are encouraged to step inside several of the artworks, including an immersive light installation by James Turrell. And you know people queue for hours to experience these," Siddall explains.) There's also a balloon-filled room by Philippe Parreno, presented by Pilar Corrias, to coincide with his Turbine Hall installation at Tate Modern; and "L'atelier d'artistes," Hauser & Wirth's tongue-in-cheek reconstructions of artist studios containing both real and fake art works from the artists they represent.

A six-year-old boy became stuck in a display toilet for several minutes as his parents tried to release him while shopping at a bathroom store in York. You could see that from his face when he pinged out.'While she could not stop laughing, Mrs Westmorland admits to being a bit embarrassed with visions of the fire brigade having to come and release her son.

Exhibitors seem to have gotten the message too: Third Line, a gallery from Dubai, is doing a presentation of female artists from the Middle East, while New York gallery P. "It's something that the art world has not always been great at, the gender balance, but I feel with contemporary art, with this generation, this is the chance to really balance that out," Siddall says.

This year Frieze London is looking back to the nineties with a section curated by critic Nicolas Trembley, featuring 12 presentations of works Siddall says "changed the conversation, and really influenced a younger generation of artists working today."This year it will stay open for three months, giving the public the chance to see works by 19 artists including Conrad Shawcross, Claus Oldenburg, Nairy Baghramian, Ed Herring, Goshka Macuga and Lynn Chadwick.

"One of the pieces he's curated is a new play, (acted) out as a puppet theater, but by the writer Sibylle Berg and the artist Claus Richter," Siddall explains.

"It envisages a future in which the traditional roles of men have been taken over by women and robots." Pastel pink and white cubicles are freshened with a signature watermelon scent, while power ballads blare and pop culture ephemera litters the area.

Mr Westmorland is heard asking Alfie to try twisting himself and leaning forward but the dad keeps bursting into a fits of laughter instead. The family was looking for a new bathroom suite and toilet for their home in Leeds. There were people milling around but I think they were pretending we were not there.'In the end, the family did not buy the toilet.

According to Mrs Westmorland, Alfie pushed his bum down far into one of the display toilets and became stuck. When they were home, however, Alfie managed to get himself stuck in the loo again.

The simplest approach to avoid this problem is to continue to use the Facebook app but not use the in-app browser.

With 170 galleries from over 30 countries filling its tent, Frieze London is a truly international fair, celebrating the very best of the art world while acting as a microcosm for trends in the wider industry.

The Closestool Cover wraps on the surface of toilet seat to give toilet user warm and comfortable feelings.

Everybody should love to use it, particularly for seniors and kids.

The panel heard Miss Wilson had worked at the unnamed school since 2013 and was "highly regarded" as a teacher and had been praised by parents and pupils.