I’m not saying this isn’t on every guy’s mind when they’re dating in Thailand–or any country for that matter–but when it’s the only thing you think about, it just shows.

Tips for dating a thai girl video

I overcame my anxiety by handing out a card and complimenting her on her looks or her clothes.

I’ve found that girls like this approach, since it is non-confrontational and polite.

If they choose to talk to me, they can add my Line or FB account, which is on my business card.

You are not asking for their number, you’re giving yours.

It’s a great way to start dating in Thailand, and you avoid the surprise of meeting a girl who looks nothing like her photo on some dating site.

Don’t expect sex and don’t visualize her naked in front of you.

Don’t mistake this for a sign of weakness; it is simply a sign of respect.

I recommend you show some chivalry and also pay for the date.

They are very soft-natured, non-confrontational, and show great attention to the man they’re with.