Through experimentation and hitting them on tables, Knock Out and Starscream were able to combine the keys, revealing a map of Cybertron with the location of the Omega Lock.

Most Scrin infantry are a sophisticated cross of biological and mechanical elements, almost insectoid in appearance.

However, it is hard to determine if these are representations of the actual Scrin master race, or mere cyborg drones created for the purpose of combat.

Megatron successfully defeated Zeta Prime and took what he thought was the Omega Key from him.

To Megatron's surprise, "the Omega Key" started to blink and beep, prompting a laughing Zeta Prime to reveal the truth: the device's activation only awakened the actual Omega Key, which was none other than Omega Supreme, who was now coming to attack Megatron.

Unable to pierce the defenses even with his newly-empowered forces, Megatron realized that he had to find the Omega Key to complete his plans.

Megatron's search for the Omega Key led him to the Autobots' sacred vaults, which was personally defended by the Autobot leader Zeta Prime.

He returned them to the Autobot base, but a short time later Starscream executed a plan, enabling him to swipe the three Omega Keys from the Autobot's store.

With all four in his possession, he bridged aboard the Decepticon warship intending to present them to Megatron as a peace offering.

First verifiable contact with humanity in 2047, during the later stage of Third Tiberium War. In Ops believes primary goal was to harvest Tiberium deposits on Earth and transport them to their center of operations, called the Ichor Hub.