I read many articles on the web but almost all of them demonstrated the use of the Form View control with either Sql Data Source or Object Data Source that is why in this article I will demonstrate that how you can use the Form View control with the Data Set as the data source.

the formview fired event itemupdating-24

Form View is a template based control so in order to display some data you need to create templates.

Let's create a simple Header Template that will display the information in the Header of the Form View control.

In the later articles we will take a look at more features provided by the Form View control.

The important point is not which of these two events call Bind Data, but one of them must or the Grid View will not be updated.

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NET 2.0 came out with several cool data bound controls which includes Grid View, Details View and Form View.

As, you can see in the code above that the Header Template simply contains a simple Label which display the Text "User Details". I have marked the Header Template with a red circle to make it clear. As, you can see from the screenshot above that Item Template displays the First Name, Last Name and Address.

Take a look at the code below which creates the Item Template.

The above Item Template simply contains a HTML table which contains other controls.