Chiang Mai is one such city that you should visit for .

Most men visit Pattaya and Bangkok and meet a lot of Thai beauties in the bars and clubs.

When they visit Chiang Mai and meet the girls over here they just get bowled over.

However, that doesn’t make it less attractive because you can find here malls and bars and lots of young Thai girls who are educated and eager to mingle with foreign men.

There is another attraction of Chiang Mai that makes young western men flock to it.

They are indeed a difficult group to overlook in the global marriage scenario and have captured the mind and hearts of men across all countries.

What is most endearing to western men and makes Thai women particularly popular with them, is the focus of Thai women on inner beauty and ‘being happy’ over having all the material things.Women are comfortable wearing their kind of clothes and are known to have a good time at a party as well as a quiet family dinner.Western men are enraptured with their feminine nature which balances out their more outgoing, business persona.The Thai girls of Chiang Mai are beautiful, simple and make good partners.They are less exposed to foreign culture and are very traditional.They have high regards for family and relationships and thus make good girlfriends.