Simple parameters like set of currents are taken as an input and fed to a Radial basis Function Neural Network. Sami Fadali and Kwon Soon Lee, “Fault Detection and isolation of Induction Motors using Recurrent Neural Networks and Dynamic Bayesian Modeling” vol 18, no.2, march 2010Abstract: This study concerns the analysis of wade sand -natural hydraulic lime-cement-phosphogypsum (WS-NHL-C-PG) solid bricks grade MW. The features of cadastral map are updated by superimposing the vectorised cadastral map on the rectified imagery of the study area. autoclaving, incineration and microwave irradiation) of treatment of BMW. Proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management, Chennai, India. of Environmental Agricultural and Food Chemistry (ISSN: 1579-4377). Complex interaction effects among banking services that lead to increased policy variability have been detected. Here we focus on multiple types of PHR owner scenario and division of personal health records users into multiple security domains which reduce key management complexity for owners and users. Our scheme gives personal health record owner full control of his/her data. Lou, “Securing personal health records in cloud computing: Patient-centric and fine-grained data access control in multi-owner settings,” in Secure Comm’10, Sept.2010, pp. Abstract: The study has aimed at investigating the leverage of three Friction Steer Welding (FSW) factors, namely, the tool rotation speed N(rpm), the tool traverse rate F( and the tool pin/shoulder diameters ratio r (%) on two FSW process responses: the joint tensile elongation (E%) and hardening capacity (Hc).

Some of these are nonlinear algorithm, which provides better solution for non linear noisy environment. Abstract: Internet is a heterogeneous network environment and the network resources that are available to real time applications can be modified very quickly. A survey of application layer techniques for adaptive streaming of multimedia.

This family includes LMS, NLMS, VSLMS, VSNLMS, VFXLMS, FX- s LMS and many more. A review to Digital watermarking is being presented in the paper and a novel watermark positioning approach is proposed in this paper which uses the statistical characteristics of the pixels to embed the watermark into brightness values of the pixels using image segmentation on the Windows platform using Matlab programming language. Ramanujan, R., Newhouse, J., Kaddoura, M., Ahamad, A., Chartier, E., & Thurber, K. Vandalore, B., Feng, W., Jain, R., & Fahmy, S., (1999).

The main difference between the search and text mining is that, search needs users attentions means based users requirement search action will perform whereas text mining is the internal process which attempts to find out information in the pattern which is not known before. Verkamo, “Applying Data Mining Techniques for Descriptive Phrase Extraction in Digital Document Collections,” Proc. As our country is producing sugar cane more, this leads to the recognition of alcohols as an alternative fuels to diesel in diesel engines because these are derived from indigenous sources and are renewable. B, Comparative Study on Startup Performance of UAHR and UASB Reactors in Anaerobic Treatment of Distillery Spentwash, International Journal of Environmental Research, 6(1): 235-244, 2012In this paper, investigation is carried out for the improvement of power system stability by utilizing auxiliary controls for controlling HVDC power flow. This application Server will store information for further use. Boroujeni, "Effects of friction stir welding process parameters on appearance and strength of polypropylene composite welds", International Journal of the Physical Sciences, Vol.

To do the text mining, there are many methods presented still to the date those are having their own advantages and disadvantages. IEEE Int’l Forum on Research and Technology Advances in Digital Libraries (ADL ’98), pp. However due to alcohols lower cetane number and high latent heat of vaporization, it won’t vaporize in the existing diesel engines ; it requires higher temperatures in the combustion chambers for the combustion. The current controller model and the line dynamics are considered in the stability analysis. So user can save unlimited call logs, messages telephony activities in phone (E.g. On occurrence of such activity it will collect information about activity (e.g.

So in the present work the turbulence is provided in the combustion chamber with grooves on the piston insert. Ph D thesis, Department of Civil Engineering, National Engineering School of Tunis/INSA Toulouse; 2004. Sfar Felfoul H, Clastres P, Carles GA, Ben Ouezdou M. Geo Eng 2000, Mellourne, Australia; November (2000), pp.19–21. Performance study of a HUASB Reactor for Treating Tapioca-Based Starch Industrial Waste Stream, Jl. The mobile phones have the additional features like camera, mp3, multimedia A/V, etc. The system will enable data sharing between mobile, pen drive, digital camera and the device having USB interface. Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are being used to form large, dense networks for the purpose of long term environmental sensing and data collection. In order to meet such requirements the coding languages used for it are modified here.

So during the experimentation brass piston with various numbers of grooves is used on the test engine with an objective to find the best one in terms of performance, emissions and other combustion parameters with alcohol as fuel. Amelioration des caracteristiques du phosphogypse en vue de son utilisation en technique routiere. Abstract: A cadastral map shows the boundaries of all land parcels on large scale maps together with the village registers which contains the ownership,land use andarea details. This will eliminate need of an intermediate computer and thus save time and power. Unfortunately, these networks are typically deployed in remote environment where energy source are limited. The conventional coding styles using ‘C’ and/or ‘C ’ are replaced by the VHDL code language so that the attacker cannot easily crack the security levels.

After treatment, the Tunisian PG was presented in the full bricks with different mass percentages of 60, 70 and 80%. Abstract: In this paper, performance of a HUASB reactor for treating a tapioca-based starch industrial waste stream has been studied under six influent COD concentrations (ranging from about 1700-5800 mg/l) and five hydraulic retention times (HRTs) (ranging from 8 to 24 hours). In other words, the objectives of this thesis are 7. Thereby, the multi-regression models pertaining to (E%) and (Hc) were built and analyzed for factors leverage and sensitivity.

The study involved physical, chemical, mechanical and environmental tests on the obtained bricks. The performance of HUASB reactor was evaluated based on COD removal (%) and bio-gas yield. Lastly, a simultaneous optimization procedure based on the desirability function was employed to find out the levels setting of factors N, F and r% which guarantees maximum (E%) and (Hc), concurrently. I., the research findings have pointed out the leverage of the tool geometry factor (r %) as well as the rotation speed (N) on the FSW process responses (E%) and (Hc).

The major problems related to such techniques are efficient use and update of discovered patterns, problems related to the synonymy and polysemy etc. So in the present work a thermally insulated engine (IE) is developed which reduces the ignition delay and aids combustion. Transient stability analysis is done on a multi-machine system, where, a fuzzy logic controller is developed to improve the stability of the power system. caller, call date, time, message content or image) and send it to server.

In this paper we are investigating the one such method which is presented to overcome above said problems related to the text mining’s. In an insulated engine, the energy loss is avoided by applying a layer of insulating material over the components (air gap piston and ceramic coated cylinder head, valve and cylinder liner) of the combustion chamber. The results show the application of the fuzzy controller in AC-DC power systems and case studied at different fault locations. And camera images and can see anytime, from anywhere by login remotely from his mobile.

In the paper, induction motors faults are studied and detected with the use of Radial basis function neural network. After mosaicing the Google Earth downloaded imageries of the study area, rectification of has been carried out using SOI toposheets. Studies on Performance and Kinetics of UASB and HUASB Reactors for Treating Tapioca – based Starch Industrial Wastes Stream, Ph. Thesis submitted to Pondicherry University, Puducherry, India, pp, 164. It was found that the importance of ‘segregation’ of waste has been realized by hospital staff. Simulation shows that depending upon network configuration, a substantial increase in network lifetime can be accomplished as compared to probabilistically selecting the nodes as cluster-heads using only local information.1. The patient have control over access to their own PHR. Vilaça "Influence of friction stir welding parameters on the microstructural and mechanical properties of AA6016-T4 thin welds", Materials and Design, Vol.