Before you start working on any game environment or custom assets project for Unreal Engine 4 here is what to do. When I was going to Ringling College for computer animation I used 2-3 summer months to learn and practice what I was going to be dealing with in upcoming school year which was modeling, texturing, animating, lighting, rigging and rendering.

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This tutorial series is the reason for lack of updates on the blog and emails within the last few months. When working to create a game environment or custom assets set such as Static Meshes, you'll be using 3d modeling/sculpting software (Maya LT, Maya, 3ds Max, Modo, Blender, Mudbox, ZBrush etc.), texturing software (Photoshop/Gimp, Substance, Quixel etc.) and Unreal Engine 4.

Something I have to find a way to balance when working on longer tutorial series. "UE4: Custom Static Mesh Formula" is a complete step-by-step tutorial series to creating, exporting and importing custom Static Meshes into Unreal Engine 4 for Game Environments. In order to keep all the files organized between different software you need a system.

Take the next 2-3 months of summer and learn 3d modeling software, a game engine, practice creating a game environment and improve a skill from a series of Premium Wo LD Tutorials. Steve Jobs once said that "You can't connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards." Looking back, I now know what I should have done.

For the next 2 days only, starting today Mon, May 29 until Wed, May 31 download any digital premium tutorial series at a significant discount. I needed to develop daily discipline to work, to maintain focus on one project at a time, to assign a project to work on for every goal I set, focus on small projects first that I could do before attempting to work on larger goals, don't multi-task, focus on hourly work sessions without interruption and a lot more which I will share with you in this post.

You will need to model a low-poly and a high-poly mesh, UV for textures and for lightmaps, set hard/soft edges, bake normal maps, create textures, material, collisions, export/import using specific settings while problem-solving at every step of the way.

In this MASSIVE quick-start tutorial guide (7,800 words), we'll cover the entire overview from idea to final static mesh and all the steps that have to happen along the way. I can finally announce the release date for the brand new tutorial series.

” At this point, Valve has only shared a few screenshots of Mercenary Park, but it certainly looks a lot different than any map has offered thus far.

Mercenary Park seems to be only one small portion of this update.

Valve has even created a new animated short for Jungle Inferno, which you can see posted below.

Even though we’ve seen the reveal of six new maps and bunch of new taunts today, that’s not all Valve has in store for Jungle Inferno.

Having recently become free-to-play, the game currently has more than 43 million total players, with nearly two million players playing in the last two weeks.