In some areas, authorities have also started padding the vertical posts, which is sensible, though a smooth surface like a concrete barrier would be preferable.” John Rule is an Associate in Maurice Blackburn’s Greensborough office who also sees clients in Whittlesea.

He helps injured clients with compensation claims under the TAC and Work Cover systems.

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At the moment wire barriers are the latest craze and the authorities have decided to stick them up everywhere, but a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to road safety” Stanford says.

“Wire barriers are quite good in certain areas, particularly where there’s room between the road shoulder and the barrier.

Their effectiveness relies on the wire remaining highly tensioned, and even minor contact with vehicles can cause the barriers to slacken.

It’s expensive and time consuming to “retention” the wire, meaning many remain slack and of little use.

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When a motorcyclist entered a bus lane in Melbourne’s inner suburbs, he came out with more than he bargained for.And perhaps it’s images like these that have underwritten the rise of wire barriers in Australia.Wire rope safety barriers (wire barriers), also known as flexible barriers or cable fences, are highly tensioned wire ropes, supported by steel posts.He then followed the bus light signals to make a left hand turn, continuing in the bus lane.A police officer pulled him over and issued him with an infringement notice, on the basis that it was not legal for him to follow the bus traffic light signal.Though, as Stanford points out, “Anything will kill you if you hit it hard enough.