They are heavy and tough running 5 pounds pressure and getting a little flex on the side wall they give a good ride could not be happier.

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He has already done it with REDS in less than a year. Acquisitions contributed 2% points of sales growth, foreign currency exchange movements positively impacted growth by 4% points, whilst Group like-for-like(1) ('LFL') sales declined by 4%.

Regionally, LFL sales grew by 2% in Asia Pacific, whilst sales to North America, Europe and Rest of the World declined by 4%, 8% and 11% respectively." Price has fallen sharply, but that offers perhaps good value now. SXS seems like a strong, quality company with a solid balance sheet good cash generation but on the other hand I feel these shares are a bit of a punt on the US industrial market which seems a bit risky to me - imo the shares look a bit expensive after this recent rally.114 In today's podcast: - Technical Analyst and PR at uk Zak Mir chatting and charting Quindell, Gulf Keystone Petroleum, Tesco, Royal Mail, Anite and Blur.

I can say they do not work better than the bighorn tires I've watched my tires on sand stone walls and they can walk right up.

They work significantly better than others, and tire shopping is over for me Well I have the Bighorns on for a year now and have used them in all weather conditions from 3500 feet in the High Desert to 12500 feet in the High Rockies mud snow and. Good tire for everything I have used them for on my 2013 on Grizzly 700.

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For the price I had HIGH expectations and these tires delvivered. I had them mounted and asked the installer to balance them. Big Improvement over stock tires on Polaris Ranger. We are running Bighorn's on all of them with great results.

He put it on his machine and told me he could not balance them because they were so unbalanced. If we here of them being discontinued, we will stockpile a huge supply. I've gotten rid of my maxis bighorns before id ever picked up my last two machines.

The Maxxis Bighorn is a legend in the ATV and UTV community: The tread pattern and wide footprint give the Bighorn radial tire exceptional traction, and its large shoulder lugs help to protect the sidewalls.

Solid raised white lettering gives this tire an attractive look. The reason I haven't switched brands was because I just got another rear tire covered by dealership when I bought my RZR and needed a matching one.

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