"I think it was knowing that someone had agreed to pay for my apartment, so there was that first thought of, What are you in this for? If it ends, I would try this route of dating again, especially while in school. I don’t think I would be on this platform to see multiple people.

I’m just seeing where this is going right now."Do you see this going somewhere more serious?

Voting for Seeking Arrangement’s 2018 Sugar Baby of the Year contest is officially closed.

This year’s competition was fierce, and the finalists received over 60,000 votes.

So this is a completely opposite approach for me."I don’t feel like every person I date going forward is going to have to pay for me, and I've definitely felt weird sometimes.

I have gotten more comfortable with the arrangement at this point, but I understand how it looks from the outside."Did you offer to pay on your first Seeking Arrangement date? I did the wallet reach on both those dates, and I genuinely would have paid, but now I don’t even do the wallet reach anymore."Tell me about your first date from the site."I didn’t really know what I was doing.

I am glad that I took this opportunity because of the many rewards that have come with it.” Shelby is originally from Dallas, Texas and has a degree in applied sciences.

She intends to use her winnings to travel around the world.

Say hello to your 2018 Sugar Baby of the Year: Miss Shelby!

In addition to winning the cash prize and title of brand ambassador for Seeking Arrangement, the sultry, Los Angeles model will also grace the cover of the 2018 Sugar Baby calendar. It has been my dream to win a contest of some sort, especially for a calendar or lookbook.

I’ve also been to Miami and Cancun with her, and we have one more vacation planned."How did these terms come about? Obviously, she’s paying for my apartment and my gym membership, and I have genuinely a good time with this woman. I think if you take out the financial gain from it, I would still want to see her.