Many people cry foul over how hard dating has become thanks to apps such as Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, The Grade, The League, Happn, and so on.They're all both right and wrong at the same time, because dating has always been "hard" regardless of whatever mediums existed for making connections.

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New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski said when he first downloaded Tinder four years ago, he "was matching like crazy! ) was "chickmagnet4life," you can imagine what kind of messages the dude sends."Swipe right on everything.

You know what they say: Couples who sweat together, stay together.

Penury Cyclist Jason Kenny, now a six-times Olympic Champion, collects a mere £28,000 tax free in UK Sport means-tested funding because he has so few sponsors.

The professional badminton players who took bronze earn a mere £26,000 in lottery funding, seeking to supplement it with sponsorship.

Being a team All athletes have had a form of the Team GB livery worked into their kit.

All have had a Union Flag cushion and doormat adorning their Olympic Village flat.

Money An 18-year investment of National Lottery money is the fundamental reason for success.

Joe Joyce’s boxing silver was the 700th by Olympians and Paralympians since 1997.

Or at least, that’s the hope behind a new app called Meet Me Outside.

Launched by local entrepreneurs Rob Hand and Harry Di Leo, Meet Me Outside is a dating app that focuses on bringing active singles together to do the fitness activities they love.

The shorter span of funding mean that everything is built around the next Olympics.