It’s a great way of bringing people together in a great setting.

The thing that I have most valued about the presentations is that they have been really practical and enabled us to have clear messages to take forward about what others have learnt and done. It's a really good opportunity to get a picture of what lots of different vendors are doing and through those conversations, what other local authorities are doing too.

I think the fact that the presentations are done in bite-size chunks gives you a flavour of the sort of initiatives that people have been engaged with.

Everyone is helping, aiming to get the best out of the day.

This is something we will definitely be coming back to in the future and we are really grateful for the opportunity to be here.

The structure of this forum is probably the best I've been to in all of my career.

The opportunity to meet numerous people is given through the speed networking and of course the one-to-one meetings that we can book in advance.

It has been a really good and efficient use of my time. I think that because of the way the forum is structured, that momentum keeps going and it keeps your interest all day long.

It is quite rare that you actually get the chance to think outside of the box and meet other like-minded people and authorities - to actually start having those sorts of conversations that you always want to have but don’t quite manage to squeeze into your day job. I think the venue is great; it is just the kind of thing that you want. The structure and organisation of this forum is always first class. The production behind that and their way of organisation is absolutely first class.We find that Local Gov Strategy Forum is a very good way to develop new threads and meet new people.The calibre of delegates here is quite impressive indeed.We find that the Local Gov Strategy Forum is a good place to engage en masse with a whole range of local government officers.You can really engage in a short space of time with a very relevant cross-section of local government leaders.The way this has been managed is unlike anything I have seen.