After all smooch,s spouting about being 100% free too!!! Read Full Review Written on: 04/11/2014 I have to say I contacted the manager of whoever this guy is and he told me you can have an unlimited number of what he called 'first contact' messages, but you can only make 5 replies a day.

Guess now we'll just have to include our emails in that first message, and if the person we're writing to is interested, they can email us right away so that we can both chat happily and forget about this site which is, in fact, quite a sorry sight :) No rhyme intended.

Read Full Review Written on: 23/10/2014 Good review!

All dating sites are the same but it's worse if you pay for the service only to receive no replies -, eharmony, parship etc.

As soon as we started texting he called me and wanted to come to my flat straight away and see me.

He insisted he wasn't after "one thing" at that the reason he wanted to me asap was because he wanted to see if there was an initial spark before planning an "official date", he also asked sexual questions which forced me to end the contact and delete my profile. Read Full Review Well I joined smooch about 6 months ago, at first I thought it was a good dating site, but after sending many many messages to the girls that I like, there was no reply from any of them and when I checked my "sent messages" THEY ALL SAY "UNREAD"...

To pay or not to pay, the outcome will be pretty much the same...

After initially messaging each other on the site, we swapped numbers BIG MISTAKE!!!

Questions never answered,problems never solved, pictures never reviewed. And all the profiles having young and handsome guys in the photos are inactive. Feeling alone at the start of a new year after being very badly let down by my previous partner of 18 years (and the father of my children) I tapped out a profile for Smooch and then logged out, thinking that it was n't really the way to move on with my life.

Its AI just like all the rest, not enough women so they fabricate them and tell you their going to do just that very thing, read the fine print… The next day I had a message along with a photo from a man who looked very kind and who lived locally. Read Full Review I joined Smooch in August of 2012 I was working in a bar and heard some of the young staff talking about smooch and asked what it was they told me it was a dating site.

I've told the site about them and they don't seem to remove them . Read Full Review I had been on several Dating sites and had been on a few dates but never thought I would find anyone, I then joined smooch and within a few months I met someone I connected with straight away, after four months of dating he proposed to me, 14 months after that we were married, we have just celebrated our second wedding anniversary and have been together for 3 1/2 years - never been happier, thank you smooch…